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Related post: Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 03:22:50 -0700 (PDT) From: John Doe Subject: Outside: chapter 1 the following story is all fiction!! It does involve some sexual content so if ur under age or just dont like that kinda stuff, then dont read this!!Chapter 1: My life has always seemed empty. As far as I could remember the world I lived in has always left me feeling alone. Yes I had a loving family and good friends but I've always felt outside. I looked at this reality that I truly never belonged to. I've always felt as if I were standing outside and looking through the glass eyed windows of my preteen legal nide body always hoping and wanting site preteens porn to truly be preteens nonude brazilian apart of something special in this life. At one point, when I met Chris, I finally preteen nonnude hot believed that free preteen pictures nubile nymphet preteen I belonged somewhere. I belonged in his world, we belonged together. I saw myself trying to come in from the outside I had so long been a part of. Sadly, as hard as I tried to find an opening or even tried crashing through the glass, I never did find a way in. Chris was but a mere dream of what I wanted. It was around noon when I finally decided to get my butt out of bed. It preteens pron portal was a Saturday so I preteens paradise wasn't too worried about getting up too late. I didn't like being in bed to long. Come Monday it would just be harder to get up at seven in the masturbating preteen model morning for class. Yes, I'm still in school. I'm 22 and on my third year at community college. I'm trying to become something. Exactly what, I'm not too sure of yet. I've tried the whole teaching thing but it passed. I love to preteen xxx gallerys draw and I'll admit I'm not actually that bad. Then again, patience is a big key to the subject and that just isn't me when it comes to preteen ls girl being all artistic. Who knows, maybe this year I'll find my inspiration and decide on a future. hot preteen stories I was grateful to gay boys preteen have Saturday off., because I'm usually stuck at work all weekend. I had taken this day off to get a chance to spend with my friends at the water hole. Every summer me and a few preteen dark child friends spend some time up at the lake for some fun in the sun which simples preteens pics we named the water hole. Most people would be disgusted about swimming in this lake. People always talked about how dirty this place was. We didn't care, we were born ghetto so we swam ghetto. It was always fun, so I was excited. While getting ready my cell began to ring."Hello?"Girl "Ready cracker, cause we're outside?!"Yes, I'm preteen russian fashion white but half. I was this 6'1, half Mexican, preteen nude boards half white, green eyed cracker. That was only one of my many nick names and the main one used."Yes, I'll be out right now and kiss me ass!" 14yo preteen legal Girl "Eww, not even if you offered to pay!" I hung the phone up and made sure I had everything in my bag, especially my mp3 player. My friends and I had a lot in common, just not music.When I got to the car I made my self comfy in the front ilegal pics preteens seat, as usual. I'm too tall for the backseat.Girl "Took long enough!""You preteen pron movies know what, it's takes some time nude small preteen to look this perfect!" Yeah right, me perfect? Not even close. Yes I have nice eyes, I'll admit, but that's about it. It couldn't hurt to lose a few or 20 pounds. Not to mention I had this gap problem. Don't get me wrong, my teeth were clean white and straight, just a couple of little gaps. Also I needed a tan. Other than that I thought I was decent, just not perfect.Girl 2 "Freaking homo!""Pft, lesbian!"I was glad to be going with two of my best friends to the lake and no one else. Shane and Rain both knew about me being gay. Shane couldn't really give nonude preteens com a damn, her being gay as well. Rain was at first shocked, but never treated me any different. Now she just doesn't care, as teens preteens pictures long as I don't make out hentai images preteen with a guy preteen porno rusas in front of her. I've known these two for years, maybe 8 or 9 by now. They hot sexy preteens were my extended preteens nacked top family.Shane "What are preteens russas you laughing at hetero?""Yeah, freaking hetero."Rain nn photos preteen "I hate homos."We all began to laugh at each other. That was pretty much how we always greeted each other. We weren't the type to be all hugs and oh my god kiss, kiss. We asain preteen lesbain were alex cp preteen more the type to smack each other around and make sure young model preteens we insult each other for a few minutes. No better bond between friends than bringing each others egos down a preteen model nylon notch ukraine preteen nude or two. The drive to the water hole was pretty quite. Shane drove while blasting her music, which I wasn't too sure what it was. shokking preteen links couldn't even exactly change it either since we were in Shane's car. Rain and I wore our headphones to drown out Shane's music. I was listening to Mariah when we finally pulled up to the lake.Shane "Alright people get the hell illegal preteen cumshot out of my car!"Rain "Yeah I kind of need to change still, so everyone get the hell out of the car and avert your eyes."Shane "Yay, free show!""Where's my dollars! You take atm right?!"Rain "Yes, just slide it down my ass crack, fucking preteen pussy girlies pervert.""Wait, that's bad?"Rain "Get the hell out!" While Shane and I had a good laugh outside preteen boy haven the car, preteen patie gallery petitepreteen nude models Rain quickly throw on her swimwear and jumped out of the car. We scanned the area for a good spot to swim and quickly preteen mpeg sex ran to claim our land. Shane grabbed a stick she found near the waters edge and preteen pink asstr shoved it between two rocks to keep from falling. She then turned to my bag and started to pre teen troubled rummage through my stuff. I didn't care for the fact she always did that to Rain and I. A minute later I saw her pull something black out and run back to the stick. I couldn't make out exactly what she pulled but in a way was nervous. She then slowly turned towards japaese preteen Rain and I and had this devious smile on her face. She backed away to make view of her accomplishments.Shane "I clamed these rocks, Gay Ol' Cracker view!"Not at all shocked, I realized what Shane was up too. She had manage to find my spare black undies and preteen nudist gallery made a flag for her stick.Rain "Yay we have a nude preteen anime home now!""I really hate you both, especially you Shane."Shane "Hey at least your king!"Rain "Don't you mean queen?!""Don't hate cause I'm just that fabulous."We all newworld cp preteen began to laugh and decided to leave our flag, what can you say it was our land now. After a few minutes of laughing some more we lotioned our selves up and dived in to the cool fishy water. The time just seemed to fly by as we enjoyed ourselves. We took turns divan off the rocks and even wrestled around a while. After about an hour and a half of horseplay, Shane and Rain decided to get out and attack the ice chest for some grub. I decided to stay and lounge on one of the inner tubes nonnude sex preteen and work on my tan, or my next shade of preteen filipina nudists pink. I wasn't blessed with the nice skin like my brothers and sister. They had the perfect tanning skin that people dreamed of, I just went white, pink, red, burnt. I nasty preteen naked just kicked back and let the current take me lingerie preteen models away. I was lost in thought about how to spend the rest of the day and began to drift away. The warm sun and calm waves began to rock me to sleep. When lost in between sleep and thoughts, I didn't realize I was heading towards another inner tube. When I felt a bump I quickly jumped and forgot that I was in the water and even tried to stand. preteen paradise Big mistake. Within seconds I was under the tube and below the water. I realized were I was and swam for air. When I grabbed the tube and pulled my preteen colombia girl self back on I heard a voice.Boy "Hey man, preteen models lilly you ok?""huh?"Boy "I didn't mean to bump you, I evie model preteen was just kind little nude preteenmodels of relaxing and didn't see you."I focused on the direction the voice was coming from and turned towards it. My eyes took a few seconds to focus and I stared into these brown eyes.Boy "So are you ok?""oh yeah. Sorry, I was kind of half asleep and didn't see you either."The guy looked to be around twenty years old. He had these great full lips that I couldn't help but to stare at. He had a nice body too. I mean nice toned and tanned is always a great thing, right. The way he laughed when I answered just brought a smile to my face. He scratched his shave head and stared me in the eyes and began to talk again.Boy "Man, you were preteen gallery pic really out of it."I laughed a little and began to blush."Yeah. Good thing you bumped me before I completely passed out. I might have gotten lost at sea."He laughed at my corny joke and began to look around. I figured preteen dancing he lost interest of me and was looking around for his friends.Boy "Nah. I doubt you'd be able to get lost in this small lake. Maybe eaten pre teen sleepover but not lost."He laughed at his own joke which made him look really cute. He had these dimples that were really defined preteen abused xxx when he smiled or laughed. preteen bukakke I was laughing with him but couldn't keep my eyes of his perfect lips. It took me preteenz lesbian a minute but I then got the joke. A lot of people joked about the fish in the lake being the size of cars in this lake.Boy "So, do you maxwell tv preteen plan on staying lost at sea or do you want to race for soar?""Well, since were both well rested after our naps maybe a race wouldn't be to bad."He bikini model preteen laughed again and I felt myself melting at the sight of his smile. He then began to paddle away from me and towards the sure."Hey! That's cheating!"Boy "Oh Yeah.. Go!"I swam as fast as I model preteens super could but couldn't manage to catch up. When I got to soar the mystery guy I was racing movies doujin preteen was already pulling himself up on the rocks. I got this great view of his blue swim shorts, wet and clinging to every inch of his really nice ass."Pretty sad you preteen naked modle had to cheat to win."Boy "I would never. Plus you had more sleep than me so you were more energized."I looked nudeist preteen pageant at his innocent face he was trying so hard to keep. It only lasted a few seconds and we both began to laugh as we sat on preteen horny pussies the rocks. Boy "Hey, so what's your name?"I looked him in his eyes and noticed curiosity in his eyes."My names Ethan. What about you, what kind of name do they give a cheater now a days.?"He laughed a little and turned his face towards the lake and just smiled at the sky. I swear just that smile and laugh alone were making me fall in love.Boy "Chris.""So Chris, you here by yourself?"He finally turned his face towards me and kept that smile on his face.Chris "No, I came with my family. They wanted this family bonding moment but they got annoying so preteen pics illegalo I swam away."I smiled at him and stared him in preteens porn ilegal his eyes. I couldn't read him. He looked at me with such curiosity. I didn't know what he was trying to find in my eyes.Chris "How bout you. You come out here just for a russian preteen thumbs nap?" I laughed at his joke and looked towards the direction of preteen girls gif my friends. They looked lost photo preteen nue in a conversation. I felt like telling Chris yes so he would offer to keep me company. Something about him made me want to get to know naturist preteen video him.."No, I came with a couple friends. There over there." I pointed at the direction of Shane tight preteen nonnude and Rain. Chris looked towards them and had this disappointing look on his face.Chris "Is one of those girls your girlfriend?"I laughed little preteen body at the question and Chris looked embarrassed."I'm sorry. It's just that its funny when people ask that. There my best friends, like sisters to me."Chris "Oh. Sorry about that. I just assumed cause you know. A guy a girl.""Its ok. I'm used to it. We get that all girl preteen contortion the time. Its funny cause we'd consider it preteens dreams lands like incest to mess around."Chris just laughed but had stopped looking at me and kept his eyes on the lake. He had that smile on his face again that was driving me crazy.Shane and Rain "My tallest, my pedo preteen image tallest!" I looked back and saw Rain and Shane running towards me. Shane was flapping her arms in the air. I then realized I hated them, they know exactly when to interrupt at the cumshot on preteens wrong time. Chris looked towards them and just laughed.Shane "hey hey hey!"Rain "What the hell are you doing?""Talking and avoiding the likes of you two."Shane "He sounds angry Rain. You better give him some."Rain "eww! Hell and no. You do it. You have preteen post gallery the pillows on your chest so he can fall asleep afterwards."Shane shot a look of hate at us both while we laughed. I turned and looked towards Chris who just sat there smiling trying to understand our strange sense of humor."Oh preteen latina slut yeah. Chris these are my friends Shane and Rain. Shane sara preteen model and Rain this free preteens sexe is your replacement Chris."Rain "Oh I'm sorry you didn't swim fast enough."Shane "Hi!"Chris " I tried to drown him but preteen illegal hidden I guess I preteen swimwear pictures didn't hit him hard enough.""Hey! preteen child girls I'm still chat kids preteen right here!"Rain "I like him. He wants to hurt you too! Why haven't you ever introduced him to us."Shane "Cause he didn't want us to get reinforcement on plotting his death, I mean^ dammit."The four of us just burst out in preteen nudisim galleries laughs. I was surprised. naturism preteen gallery Most people were intimidated by Rain and Shane. Not that they were mean looking or anything like that. Hell, they both had stuff going for them. Rain was 5'5 brown eyes and dark black hair. She had a cute face and brutal preteens a great ass to match. To top it off she had the abs of steel. Shane was just as cut. She asstr 10yo preteen stood 5'4 with brown eyes and short light brown hair. She tried to pull of this sexy tomboyish look but the size of her boobs made it really hard to even consider her a boy. We all stood around chit chatting some more for about thirty minutes. In a short period, we found out that Chris was from Tulare, the same town we were living in. he was only twenty one, a year younger than me. He also liked a lot of the same stuff we did. He was into cartoons and games. He also had a thing for collecting preteen beauty angels weapons. We weren't to happy with his music of choice. I guess gangster rap cant be everyone's favorite type of easy listening. In the middle of an argument about the best way to drown me, we heard a lady preteen goddess pictures yelling for Chris.Chris "That's my mom, I have to get going."Shane "Yeah, us too. preteen cute nn Gots to get the cracker home before the sun burns him alive.."Rain "Well, nice meeting you."Chris "Maybe I'll see you guys around town.""Hey! If you swim here we might be neighbors. Obviously your ghetto like us!"We all laughed some more till we heard Chris' mom yell out again.Chris "Alright see you guys later."All "Later!"I kept my eyes on Chris running towards his family. At one point he turned around to preteen cute virgins smile family preteens nude and wave at me, which only made me want him more. We had all jumped in Shane's car and began driving home to Tulare.Shane "I liked Chris. He's tall like you Ethan."Rain "Yeah and he makes fun of you, I like that.""And he's hot too!"Shane "Yeah I'd do him."Rain "I hate homos!"We all laughed again and began to go away into our own little worlds. Shane blasted her music while Rain and I listened to our headphones. I listened to Mariah again but couldn't keep my mind off Chris. I kept picturing his smile and hearing his laughter. He seemed so perfect. I even wished we would have exchanged numbers. But, it doesn't matter. I'm gay and he's not. Why torture preteens lesbians mpegs myself by keeping him around. Still with pictures of Chris running through my mind, asian thumbs preteen I drifted off to sleep.-----------------------------------------------------------------------So yes, that was chapter one. I havn't had a chance to really get this edited but I figured I might a well post it anyways. I have a few more chapters finished, so if interested in them let me know at
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